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A log.
FRIENDS ONLY Comment to be added. 
13 Nov


Comment to be added.

30 May (UTC)
hey, i just realized we're not LJ friendss. whoops :x

i sent you the 4th part of my Plaude just to let you know <3
30 May (UTC)
No problem, darling.

Betaing it as we sprechen.
19 Jun (UTC)
Hi! For some reason I can't reply your PM so I'll just paste my answer here:

Go ahead :D I'm not sure exactly what you mean by a fic exchange but if I'm on the right track it sounds fun! :D
19 Jun (UTC)

I'm going to be gone through Sunday, so I won't be able to really work on this until Monday, but then we'll chat and get this baby sorted out.

Thanks so much.
19 Jun (UTC)
As long as it's fic-related it's all cool :D I'm intrigued now! xD
20 Jun (UTC)
Failed again!

This message cannot be sent to top_hatted_girl because the recipient has enabled the privacy options for their messages.

Anyway, win. Sounds like an awesome idea to me - except for #3, you can take my name out of it. I'd rather just let you run this since it's yours, and also I'm about to have a pretty hectic month as of next weekend so I won't be of much use! But seriously, idea of WIN.
20 Jun (UTC)
I enabled privacy options? *facepalm* Go me.

The only problem with me taking care of it is the screening of the comments. I wouldn't be able to see them, I don't think, because you're the mod. So unless you could- I don't know- copy them and E-mail them to me or something, it'll be pretty difficult to keep everyone anonymous.
21 Jun (UTC)
Actually, if you're the one making the post, then you would be able to see screened comments because it's your post. And I'd be able to see them too because I am the all-seeing God the mod. xD But as long as you set the post to screen all, they'll never be visible to anyone but us two. And you'd get emailed them anyway :D
05 Jul (UTC)
Adding you because you said in the holymilkshakes friending meme that your entries were random but frequent and that's exactly how mine are. I think we would get along swimmingly! Add back, por favor?
05 Jul (UTC)
Methinks the idea has merit. Adding away!
19 Jul (UTC)
So you seem like a lot of fun in the Common Room (at H_E...I haven't been as active lately and you may or may not recognize my sn...so yus) and so I have a proposition to make. And that proposition is:

19 Jul (UTC)
Sounds like a plan! I am shockingly devoid of Gryffindor buddies.
07 Jan (UTC)
Hey, am the one who told you about the Spider-Man musical over at buggerfck's journal. Add back? :)
07 Feb (UTC)

Hey! I can't believe we never friended considering how well we seemed to get along at FYB and the other comms.

But, if you need further evidence: I also want to be a filmmaker, I writer constantly (hell, I am studying for a FIlm degree with a concentration in screenwriting!), I love LOTR and HP (but only up to Book 5) and I have a some Wicked fanfiction I did for one of my literature classes in college last year.
07 Feb (UTC)
I meant to say "I WRITE" constantly *lol* XP
03 Mar (UTC)
Hi sweetie,

You have been invited to join Sugardust ! http://community.livejournal.com/Sugardust =] We offer freebies (mostly blinkies), we hold contests (graphic & photo) and occasionally have games for you to play as well. We would love to have you as a member. I hope you come and join us! =]

31 May (UTC)
I notice you are in watchmen_stamp
as well as a few other communities on LJ
and you seem fun
if you recieve this message, I hope you
run over to watchmen_stamp as I have a
newly dropped application in need of a vote.

Please give your most honest opinion, and thank you.
29 Jul (UTC)
Meep! Add me back!
15 Jan (UTC) - Texas Colocation
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13 Mar (UTC)
We were friends here on LJ a long, long time ago and I have ZERO idea if this account still forwards messages to an e-mail account or whatever....BUT your username popped into my head the other day and now I am wondering what happened to that brilliantly well-written 16 year old Alaskan chick.

Hope all is well and life is good.
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