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A log.
Selection from Ch. 3, "Three Is Company." Part three. 
03 Dec
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(no transcription available)

Nearer at hand a few lights twinkled in the village of Woodhall.
The Elves sat on the grass and spoke together in soft voices; they seemed to take no further notice of the hobbits. Frodo and his companions wrapped themselves in cloaks and blankets, and drowsiness stole over them. The night grew on, and the lights in the valley went out. Pippin fel asleep, pillowed on a green hillock.
05 Dec (UTC)
Beautiful job. You do such an awesome job with the voices, the Elves are so very Elvish!

Thank you so much for jumping in and participating again!
09 Jan (UTC)
Thanks! This comm was such a brilliant idea.
12 Dec (UTC)
I loved your Elf voices! They sounded so lofty and dignified!
09 Jan (UTC)
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed them.
14 Dec (UTC)
I agree with Lbilover and Dreamflower, your Elves are so very... Elvish!

Nicely read!
09 Jan (UTC)
As Elves are wont to be. ;) Thank you for listening!
08 Jan (UTC)
Thank you! I really enjoyed listening to you - and as everyone I have to say I loved your Elf voices. :)))
09 Jan (UTC)
Aw, thanks. I'm glad you liked it.
15 Jan (UTC)
Wow! Your Elvish is amazing. I have nightmares about having to read that! Very very well done. :)

If you get fed up with not letting you voicepost the whole section, I've been using www.box.net. It's free and you record your mp3 on your pc and then upload it. Any questions just ask. :)
23 Jan (UTC)
Beautifully read!
27 Jan (UTC)
That was lovely. I really enjoyed listening.
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