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A log.
Voice Post 
03 Sep
166K 0:50
“___ into boiling water and bake(?) further shoulder(?). The second to the steam is refreshing and those that were unhurt set their minds calm and clear. The air bottles and some power over the wound for further pain felt the pain and also the scent of frozen cold lessen his thought. The life did not return to his arm. He could not raise or use his hand. He better regret this foolishness and approach himself for weakness of well. We may proceed that on putting on ring he obeyed not his own desire there commanding wish of his enemies. Wondering if he remain main for life. How they have managed to continue their journey he felt to weak to stand. The others were discussing this very question they quickly decided to leave what they ___ ASAP.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox
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